Public Action is Needed on New State Parks--It's Your Turn!

Missouri State Parks is providing public information and seeking online comments on the future of three of the newly acquired state parks--Ozark Mountain, Bryant Creek, and Jay Nixon State Parks--on its website until January 5, 2018.

Now is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Because there are some who would like the state to sell the new parks, it is important for those who love the parks and want the state to keep them to submit comments on each of the new parks.

MPA is committed to defending the new parks as quality lands in areas where parks have been sought for decades in park system plans, and that have basic resources capable of being restored at modest cost. Indeed, funds were earmarked for restoration in the grants provided for their acquisition. For more information about these parks, see the December 2016 Heritage and MPA's talking/comment points on the new parks.

Park officials will be seeking comments also on the uses of the parks and amenities desired. MPA supports interpretive panels, hiking trails, and basic parking, picnic, and sanitary facilities, but cautions that funds are not likely to be available in the near term for more elaborate infrastructure.

The new Eleven Point State Park will not have a public meeting or comment period until pending legal action is resolved. Jay Nixon State Park is a special case, since the land was acquired several years ago for its natural resource values as an addition to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park and there is no public access by road; access could be made available only via a spur from the Ozark Trail. MPA leaders believe the best course for this land would be to return it to Taum Sauk State Park. 

Public Meetings on New Missouri State Parks
  • Ozark Mountain State Park
    Monday, Dec. 4.
    Dewey Short Visitor Center
    4500 State Hwy 165, Branson, MO 65616
  • Bryant Creek State Park
    Tuesday, Dec. 5.
    Ava Community Center
    108 Northeast 2nd Ave.
    Ava, MO 65608
  • Jay Nixon State Park
    Thursday, Dec. 7.
    Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park
    148 Taum Sauk Trail
    Middlebrook, MO 63656

    If you want to secure the future of these important park lands, make your plans now to attend and comment at one of the public meetings, and to comment on the other parks during Dec 4 - Jan 5 through the MSP website:

    Note: If you did not already receive an email alert from MPA about these meetings, it is probably because MPA membership coordinator Gary Freeman does not have your email address. Email him at to receive other alerts and important MPA announcements.